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About us


It's been 37 years since our first appointment and 35 since the first application of a chiller in the industrial field. We have been the first ones to size a chiller to avoid using and consuming drinking water to cool a machine tool, the first one was a broaching machine. Since then, customers who needed to use chillers instead of using disposable water have increased.

Our knowledge is not limited to the thermodynamics that we have known for 30 years, but it extends also to the hydraulic and pneumatic field with Bosch, the liquid filtration sector with Mahle (now Filtration Group), the filtration and purification of air and technical gases with General Filter, the control and measurement instrumentation and the dimensioning of plate or shell and tube heat exchangers.

All the competences acquired during these years allow us to face the problems that may arise in the industrial sector (starting from the design of machine tools to the problems and optimization of production lines), in the aeraulic sector (from filtration to heat treatment and purification) and in the treatment of processing fluids and power fluids.

This experience in the various fields allowed us to provide technical advice to our customers, beside sales.

The passion for our work and the goal of always looking for the best solution for our customers are an incentive for us to improve our technical knowledge.

Our Team


Sales IN.TEC.: Nicolotti Maurizio

Sales IN.TEC.: Jarek Mancin

Sales Veneto/Trentino-Alto Adige/Friuli Venezia Giulia: Daniele Bertaiola

Administration: Cristina Margutti filtrazione refrigerazione quadri scambiatori di calore